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Yellow Jacket Control

There are twelve different types of Yellow Jackets common to Michigan. Unlike bees, which primarily collect pollen and nectar for food, many Yellow Jackets are scavengers, seeking protein and sugar from any source. In the Spring, Yellow Jackets primarily feed on insects, but as the summer goes on, their natural food becomes scarce, and they can get a little more aggressive scavenging around human food. Later in the summer in particular, Yellow Jackets can be a nuisance at barbecues and picnics, and can be found flying in and out of sugary drinks, and checking out the cooked meats.

Yellow Jacket Wasp

Yellow Jacket Wasp

It is important at this time of year to inspect the area where your children play, to locate the Yellow Jacket nests. Nests can be found in the ground, under eaves and in openings to walls of buildings. Ground nests are frequently located under shrubs, logs, rock piles and other protected sites. Openings on outdoor playsets, and under slides can be nesting locations for them.

Yellow Jacket Nest

2-Year Yellow Jacket Nest

Effective Yellow Jacket control consists of 3 steps:

  1. Prevention. Reduce access to food. Yellow Jackets can often be found scavenging around dumpsters and trash containers. It is important to clean up after any outdoor eating, and keep a secure lid on all garbage.
  2. Trapping. Proper use of baits and traps can be used to control and knock down Yellow Jacket populations
  3. Nest Destruction. Once a Yellow Jacket nest is identified, proper steps can be taken to safely remove it from the property

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