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How To Prepare for Spring Pests and Insects

Even though winter is not quite over here in Grand Rapids, Spring is just around the corner! The wet and warmer temperatures are coming, and with it comes pests and insects. Now is the time to start defending your home or business.

Spring Flowers In Snow

Tips To Prepare for Spring Pests and Insects
  • Inspect the perimeter of your building. Winter sometimes leaves surprise new cracks and openings to your home and business. Take care of these new potential insect entry points right away!
  • Make sure that you do a brief inspection of your window screens as well. Any tiny opening in your screen is a wide open door for an insect.
  • Preparing your yard can also help prevent pests and insects from invading your home. Consider cutting back your bushes and plants, especially the ones closest to the building.
  • A good Spring Cleaning can do wonders! Start the cleaning now and scrub floors, counters, appliances, and so forth. Don't give pests the incentive to move in.
  • Consider getting your air ducts as well as your air conditioner cleaned out. Insects and pests often nest in these spots during the winter months.
  • And most importantly, insects will search for a place where they can find food, shelter and moisture. Keep that in mind as you are inspecting and cleaning. Don't give them an inviting place to go!

With decades of experience, Professional Pest Management has been the trusted, local resource for residents of Grand Rapids, and West Michigan for years. If you do run into uninvited spring guests when warmer weather arrives, contact us at (616) 534-4383.

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