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Tips For Controlling Ants

Ants on Candy

It must be Spring, because ants are everywhere! There are basically three types of ants found in Michigan

  1. house infesting ants
  2. yard infesting ants
  3. and carpenter ants

Let's focus on the "House Infesting" ants, in particular Sugar ants, which we get a lot of calls for. When sugar ants invade your home, it can be extremely aggravating, as these ants will swarm in large numbers and can be difficult to completely remove. The best defense is to not give them a food source, so keep everything as clean as possible.

  • keep your kitchen sink clean and dry
  • Wipe down kitchen counter tops
  • Sweep and mop your kitchen floor
  • Vacuum the floors of spaces where food is regularly consumed
  • Use strong garbage bags, and take the trash out regularly

To get rid of them, ant baits, in particular "sweet baits" are best. Ant baits are designed so that ants don't die right away, but take some of the "food" back to their colony, and share with the rest of the ants. Be careful! Most ant baits are generally non-toxic to humans, but are dangerous to other pets, and children. Careful placement and disposal is important.

Sometimes, it is best to leave it to the professionals. If you have an ant problem in Grand Rapids that you need taken care of, call us at Professional Pest Management today!

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