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Pest Control Programs For Your Business

With the New Year it is time to already start thinking of your business and your pest control routines and practices. What steps will you take in 2018 to have a pest free business? What can you do to help keep it this way?

drain infection at a hotel

Inspecting a drain in a hotel

A few steps that can help:

  • Increase Cleanliness - Keeping a clean kitchen and food storage areas, really help keep away pests. Training your staff to carefully clean regularily, and to keep an eye out for potential issues, helps insure a pest free environment.
  • Seal Your Business - Even the smallest of cracks can be be an easy entry point for tiny pests like ants, cockroaches, and spiders. As winter turns to spring, make sure to inspect your business for any new cracks and holes that may have appeared
  • Stay proactive with routine inspections - Take a proactive, preventive approach to pest management that focuses on eliminating the factors that attract pests. We can work with you to schedule routine inspections to identify potential issues, and take steps to decrease your risk of a pest infestation.

This New Year, make a resolution to re-examine your current pest management program. Taking the time to assess your program and outline a strategy for the coming year will help you safeguard against an infestation, avoid bad word of mouth and protect your bottom line. If you would like more information and tips on keeping your Grand Rapids area business pest free, gives Professional Pest Management a call at (616) 534-4383

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