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​Pests In Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

Real Christmas trees can be a great addition to your home! However, they can also sometimes bring unwanted visitors with them, little creepy crawlies! Every tree can be home to insects, mites, and spiders.

When choosing the right Christmas tree a few steps need to be kept in mind:
  • Remove any visible "masses" like birds nests. They may look decorative, but they can contain parasites.
  • Shake the tree vigorously before bringing it indoors. Some tree lots even have "mechanical shakers"
  • Do not spray the tree with "insect sprays!" Christmas trees are already a fire hazard, and insect sprays are also flammable... a bad combination!
  • And if a few critters do make it in, try to "vaccuum" them up, or just leave them on the tree. Most will die quickly as they were prepared to be outdoors, in the cold, for the winter.

Enjoy your Christmas!

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