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Brown marmorated stink bugs are here!

Every fall here in West Michigan we get a guest on the sides of our homes and businesses, brown marmorated stink bugs! As the days get cooler, they love the warmth they can get particularly on the sunny side walls, and from there, they try to find their way inside...

Brown Marmorated Stick Bug

As Wikipedia tells us:

"The brown marmorated stink bug is more likely to invade homes in the fall than others in the family.The bug survives the winter as an adult by entering houses and structures when autumn evenings become colder, often in the thousands. In one home more than 26,000 stinkbugs were found overwintering"

To deal with them

  • Seal gaps around windows and doors, so they don't enter your home
  • Don't "squish them"! There is a reason they are called "Stink Bugs". Sweep them into a bucket and add soapy water. That will do them in.

If you aren't comfortable with this, give us a call, and we can help!

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