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Spring Pest Control Tips In Michigan

Spring is officially here! As West Michiganders slowly make their way outdoors again, other critters are also staring to stir…

Spring Cleaning Pest Tips

Spring is also a time when insects and critters emerge to build nests and forage for food for their young. This can bring them very close to (or even inside) our homes and businesses, and we want to do everything we can to discourage them from entering or getting too close.

Spring Cleaning & Pest Prevention

A good Spring Cleaning in and around our buildings is a great place to start! As you clean up remember to add these things to your checklist


  • Crawlspace, Basement & Attic check : these spaces can get damp in the spring rainy months. This provides a haven for centipedes, silverfish, and other pests.
  • Pantry check: Keep food in sealed containers, and go through cabinets to see if there is open foods. An open box or container will entice hungry pests. Pay particular attenton to pet foods, ants and cockraoches love them as well.
  • Simple repairs: Time to fix those ripped screens, cracked windows, and door sweeps. Don’t make it easy for pests to enter your place.


  • Gutters: Moisture can be a breeding ground for insects like mosquitos. Clean the winter buildup out, and check to make sure downspouts are working and directing water away from your building.
  • Mulch: Keep mulch away from the base of your home or business. Mulch, especially thicker layers, make a very inviting home for pests!
  • Wood Piles: Termites, beetles, mice, wasps and bees, all love wood piles. Keep wood piles away from the sides of your home.

Add these things to your Spring Cleaning list, and you are on your way to a happier summer. Give us a call today as well to schedule perimiter inspections and maintenance programs.

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