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Annual Boxelder Bug Hunt In West Michigan

As summer starts to draw to a close, an annual West Michigan tradition is the appearance of Boxelder bugs around our homes and businesses. They are active all summer, but as the days start to shorten and get cooler, they like to "sun" themselves on buildings, particularly on the southern and western facing sides. At night, they prefer dry, sheltered areas around foundations and windows of buildings, and in any cracks or eaves they can find.

Boxelder Bug

Adult Boxelder Bug

Adult Boxelder bugs are about half an inch long, and are easily identified by their dark brown/black color and distinctive orange/red markings. These markings include 3 lines right behind the head, and color around the wings.

While mainly just a nuisance pest, Boxelder bugs can stain carpet and other fabrics, and release a foul smell if squished or stepped on.

Effectively keeping Boxelder's out of your home or workplace consists of 3 steps:

  1. Seal Off Entrances. Fill any cracks or openings around buildings including around windows, screens, and electrical conduits
  2. "Wash" off any bugs on exterior walls. Boxelders are easily drowned, and regular use of a hose can help reduce their population.
  3. Treat Around Buildings. You may want to supplement this with an insecticide treatment around the exterior of your building. The best time to spray is late summer and fall when boxelder bugs are first starting to cluster around your house or business.

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