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Pavement ants are active and hungry!

Welcome to Spring!

Pavement Ants

And with the warmer Michigan temperatures, comes many crawling critters in search of food, water, and new nesting areas. One particular nuisance that is very active right now are "Pavement Ants", these are the little light brown to reddish brown ants that like to live

  • in the cracks of your driveway,
  • under the sidewalk,
  • around your homes foundation,
  • and pretty much in and around any masonry or rotting wood.
  • You can identify their colonies by those little "dirt piles" they push up at the entrance.
The Pavement Ant colonies have only one Queen, but can have thousands of worker ants. They will pretty much eat anything, but are attracted to sweets, fruit, greasy foods, and seem to love to eat pet foods. To prevent Pavement Ants from entering your home or business, you have to make sure that all external cracks and other small openings are tightly sealed. Also keep any wood piles and wood chips away from the exterior walls, as they can become inviting nesting locations.

Effective Pavement Ant control consists of 3 steps:
  1. Inspection. For pavement ant problems, inspection is crucial. We need to find the colony, and if the problem is coming from outside, the entry point that the Pavement Ants are using.
  2. Treatment. Treatment may consist of gel baits, liquid products, or a combination of both in different application methods. We are committed to helping you resolve the problem!
  3. Follow-up. We offer follow-up services for any Pavement Ant treatments. Please ask us for details!

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